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Joanne Thorne, Technical Compliance Manager at Caroola Accountancy (formerly SJD Accountancy), has more than ten years of experience supporting contractors with proactively and compliantly organising their tax affairs.

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Expert accountant reassures that the traditional way to pay HMRC will always likely remain, albeit with disincentives.

HMRC just binned the paper form contractors have long-used to record BIKs.

9th May, 2023 | Money

With the new tax year underway, here’s how to run your PSC in the least taxing way possible.

20th April, 2023 | Limited Companies

SJD Accountancy spells out the fundamental five to get answers to before you say yes.

14th March, 2023 | Limited Companies

Small steps from chancellor Hunt could go a long way to giving enterprising companies the glimmer of hope they deserve.

Ringing the Revenue is the best response if you’re a contractor who didn’t file or pay before midnight.