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Keith Tully is a partner at Real Business Rescue, specialising in restructuring and turnaround support for businesses edging closer to insolvency, forced closure or voluntary liquidation.

He has assisted in the rescue of national and independent businesses by putting cost-cutting measures in place to streamline business finances, seeking alternative finance and putting Time to Pay arrangements in place.

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As the term implies, going it alone as an HMRC ‘self’ assessor is possible. But it’s not for the faint-hearted.

3rd March, 2022 | Money

Like Test & Trace, BBLs were the saving grace but similar to the ‘pingdemic,’ they’re now behind a sinking feeling.

3rd August, 2021 | Limited Companies

The rate of tax paid for the next pound they earn is something limited company directors will need to keep watch of.

1st June, 2021 | Limited Companies

What winding up contractors need to know about shutting down a PSC.

23rd March, 2021 | MVL

Tests to take to gauge when selling shop is sensible, shrewd or just something your heart desires.

4th September, 2020 | MVL

It’s not quite as easy as ABC totting up how long, or how much you’ll get with your new born.

31st July, 2020 | Limited Companies

Reaching your company’s tipping point amid or after covid-19 is understandable. Reaching it alone, unaided, isn’t.

10th June, 2020 | MVL

Play your cards compliantly if parting with a PSC, to deny HMRC of your final hand.

10th April, 2020 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

A look ahead for PSCs whose company closure plans are like IR35 reform -- not scrapped; just shelved.

2nd April, 2020 | MVL

Guarding against the risk of retrospective IR35 investigation is worthwhile, even if your PSC has shut.

31st March, 2020 | Limited Companies

Enhancing their existing skillsets is a benefit of PSCs which contractors may exhaust.

16th March, 2020 | Training

The ins and outs of HMRC’s document when departing the UK for a big contract abroad.

10th June, 2019 | Contracting Overseas

Don’t let today’s deadline obscure another that’s tied to both HMRC and your directorial duties.

31st January, 2019 | Limited Companies