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Kevin is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a Fellow of the Association of International Accountants and a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

He is also a Certified Public Accountant in Cyprus, where he also resides. With more than 42 years of business and professional experience, Kevin is responsible for sales, product development and technical services, marketing and finance within Access Financial. He is also the principal in Access Tax and Accounting Limited. Kevin speaks English and French.

Author Content

Tax, compliance, and ‘efficiency’ recommendations for when your customer is in the UK but you aren’t.

8th November, 2022 | Contracting Overseas

Ahead of applications opening on Sunday, the few known conditions to be a digital nomad in Portugal are worth a look.

26th October, 2022 | Contracting Overseas

Quite a few burdens facing a relocating limited company director indicate adviser fees will quickly pay for themselves.

23rd May, 2022 | Contracting Overseas

Few and far between are your options for working abroad, although Cyprus looks more of a go-to than Spain and the Netherlands.

4th May, 2022 | Contracting Overseas

Seeking clients in the States, while living in the States, suggests your business should register in the States.

21st January, 2022 | Contracting Overseas

Contractors will be among those interested in when living and working in 27 member states becomes an entitlement.

23rd November, 2021 | Contracting Overseas

Thanks to six letters, EU passport-holders’ prospects are unmatched, but there is one overlooked way for Brits to work across The Channel.

17th November, 2021 | Contracting Overseas

Self-employment seems easier than being a PSC for a Briton wanting to see out his days in Barcelona.

27th October, 2021 | Contracting Overseas

Overview of tax deduction rules for roaming staff, self-employed workers and PSCs.

21st October, 2021 | Expenses

If he’s jabbed, it’s ‘bon voyage’ for a contractor who wants to see the sights while not meeting and greeting.

12th October, 2021 | Contracting Overseas

A management firm could sweeten things for a contractor set to have his tax cherry fought over.

14th September, 2021 | Contracting Overseas

The brolly route is closed to a Lithuanian looking to resume work carried out pre-Brexit deal.

4th August, 2021 | Contracting Overseas

Accountant unravels a complex set-up for a suspicious French national who has a niggling feeling.

6th July, 2021 | Contracting Overseas

Where ContractorUK’s overseas contracting guides are still accurate, and where three modifications apply.

25th June, 2021 | Contracting Overseas

The solution for a technology teacher should just be a (long distance) phone call away.

22nd June, 2021 | Contracting Overseas

Interesting career moves abound for a civil servant-turned contractor worried about tax efficiency, and reputation.

25th May, 2021 | Contracting Overseas

International travel transferring from illegal to a three-tier system, with colours, looks appealing. But appearances can be deceptive.

The process and practicalities to obtaining conclusive evidence that you’ve got your own company.

7th May, 2021 | Limited Companies

The ins and outs of getting the Irish Revenue to confirm your tax affairs are in order.

30th April, 2021 | Contracting Overseas

How VAT gets accounted for when UK  businesses supply services to the European Union.

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