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Lucy has over 9 years extensive experience in the umbrella market, much of this time spent managing one of the most reputable umbrella companies in the market and now, Clarity Umbrella.

Lucy has sat on HMRC round table events; contributed to the Low Income Tax reform group and is always on hand to provide advice to the ContractorUK forums.

Author Content

Maybe chancellor Jeremy Hunt wouldn’t today be under as much pressure to regulate them if all brollies did these five, as standard.

22nd November, 2023 | Umbrella Companies

What contractors can look for to work out if a brolly is worth it or worrying.

20th November, 2023 | Umbrella Companies

To head off frustration, duplication, and worse -- late payment, one is the magic timesheet number.

8th November, 2023 | Umbrella Companies

Tips, tricks and heads-ups to ensure it won’t be your timesheets that slip you up.

13th September, 2023 | First Timers

One thing’s for sure, ‘unintended consequences’ (potentially from IR35 reform) is something government have had it up to here with.

The top 10 considerations when setting up an umbrella company for contractors.

26th July, 2023 | Umbrella Companies

A long document that’s taken an even longer time to produce. But unfortunately contractors, still there is something missing.

How Pay As You Earn through an umbrella company differs from through a recruitment agency.

17th May, 2023 | Umbrella Companies

Rate, deductions, conversation, and IR35. And possibly explorable in that order -- if you want to avoid nasty surprises as an umbrella employee.

30th November, 2022 | Umbrella Companies

Make the umbrella company selection process less daunting by posing these ten queries.

14th June, 2022 | Umbrella Companies

How much contractors can get paid if they work via an umbrella, now or post-IR35 reform.

5th May, 2022 | Umbrella Companies

The call for evidence on umbrella companies is welcome, but it’s not before time.

Payments, pensions and deductions not being to your liking doesn’t (always) mean they’re unlawful.

10th September, 2021 | Umbrella Companies

Explainer on what goes into the Employer’s NICs payment to HMRC.

2nd September, 2021 | Umbrella Companies

The government must use its June RTW review to bring the UK’s outdated employing process into the 21st century.

What contractors should ask to work out which PAYE brolly is best for them.

13th April, 2021 | Umbrella Companies

An unwieldy IR35 reform consequence that HMRC doesn’t intend for, and is going to snuff out, is creating quite the furore.

Consistency was one of IR35 reform’s silver linings. But without many noticing, it’s now been removed.

With IR35 reform on the horizon, the good, the bad and the ugly brollies are out in force.

23rd June, 2020 | Umbrella Companies

To furlough or not to furlough? That’s the question troubling contractors, and brollies.

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