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Matt is a Chartered Tax Advisor with 18 years' experience of advising on tax planning and compliance. Matt has been with Brookson since 2009, having previously worked for Big 4 accountants, KPMG and PwC. Matt’s primary role is to ensure that the services provided by the Brookson Group comply with relevant legislation and regulatory requirements. Matt is also a Board member of the FCSA, the UK's leading membership body dedicated to promoting supply chain compliance for the temporary labour market.

Author Content

The strengths -- worries -- threats and opportunities, incoming for contractors in this uncertain, but now undisputed election year.

Tax and spending tips on what every limited company director needs to know at this time of year.

20th December, 2023 | Limited Companies

Why PRR is one of the best tax reliefs going, and how to take advantage of it as a PSC.

29th November, 2023 | Money

The nitty gritty of reporting to officialdom when your limited company is not doing business.

21st November, 2023 | Limited Companies

How to pay back what you owe, to both HMRC and the Student Loans Company.

16th November, 2023 | Money

Explained: the hoops to jump through to get your company’s tax back from HMRC.

14th November, 2023 | Limited Companies

What contractors should know about Universal Credit, including the official and unofficial terms like ‘elements,’ ‘ins’ and ‘outs.’

23rd October, 2023 | Limited Companies

An unpicking of why, because of tax considerations, the NMW does not pay for most PSC contractors.

17th October, 2023 | Limited Companies

Dividend-payers should get clued up on the worst-case scenario -- HMRC seizing personal assets to recover amounts owed to your limited company.

Improving the off-payroll rules, while threatening abusive brolly engagers with a hefty HMRC liability, should put PSCs back in vogue.

The contractor industry can largely get behind a set-off mechanism from April 6th 2024 -- even if it smacks of the government's whack-a-mole approach.

Another £9,000 thanks to the chancellor could well inspire IR35-hit contractors back into the fold, even via brolly roles caught by the legislation.

26th March, 2023 | Umbrella Companies

An understanding of both tax residency and IR35 is required to realise when international contractual chains are caught.

16th November, 2022 | IR35

With the ups and downs on dividends and IR35 over, it’s time for calm financial reflection.

Much of what’s needed to boost the UK’s flexible labour market is already on the shelf. But revoking IR35 will stay beyond reach.

A recap of why dividends are important to contractors, when to pay them, and looking forward to April 2022.

14th March, 2022 | Limited Companies

Overview for directors of the expenses eligible for tax relief when working from home.

2nd February, 2022 | Limited Companies

Overview of sole trading versus limited company working, through the lens of IR35 reform.

25th January, 2022 | Successful Contracting

Taking end-users at their word and accepting all’s in hand could unravel. Potentially as soon as April 2022.

As the case of The Trainline two shows, HMRC remains interested in PSCs -- just forget your accountant’s old adage.

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