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Neil started a career as an Accountant in 2011, specialising in helping hundreds of contractors. Neil enjoys building relationships with clients and helping them manage their finances all the way through their contracting career. Whilst also helping manage and develop the next Accountants within Intouch.

As Operations Manager, Neil manages a team of Accountants, and also Intouch's Service Support team. This ensures that we continue to provide expert advice within the contracting market and develop our junior members of staff. The Service Support team complete all the Bookkeeping, VAT & Accounts that are required for clients at Intouch.' 

Author Content

Umbrella's checklist of the most popular 'wholly, exclusively and necessary' expenses.

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Former taxman Bob Jones on how to make the most of relief on the road.

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Expenses do's and don'ts for a 'Ltd' contractor with limited space.

20th February, 2019 | Expenses

Charging expenses back to the client is common, but there are important ground rules that have to be followed if you wish to avoid falling foul of VAT regulations.

20th January, 2019 | Expenses