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Rachael Johnston of The Accountancy Partnership is a content writer specialising in business, finance, and software. Rachael graduated with a master's in writing in 2019 and has since worked in diverse sectors, including recruitment and accounting, copywriting, content writing, and growth hacking. Her current focus is to simplify all things business and tax, making them easy to understand for everyone.

Author Content

The inside track on claiming relief on assets' value over a long period of time.

3rd November, 2023 | Money

Revealed: the letters that contractors’ tax advisers tend to have after their names -- and what they mean.

25th October, 2023 | Money

Overview of the HMRC number which employers get when they register with the Revenue.

Demystified: the technical term and process for 'settling the score' with HMRC.

24th July, 2023 | Money

An agent, friend or family member can be your helping hand when dealing with the taxman.

18th July, 2023 | Money

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