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Sébastien Sauca is the CEO of, a leading compliance and technology firm at the forefront of safeguarding workers and recruitment agencies from non-compliant umbrella companies. With a wealth of experience in the recruitment industry spanning almost a decade, and a Master's degree in management and HR, Sebastien left a director position to address the compliance challenges he encountered throughout his staffing career. Through two years of dedicated R&D, SafeRec has emerged as a game-changer, empowering numerous recruitment agencies with automated processes to shield their businesses from non-compliant umbrellas and fully understand their legal requirements.


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An explainer on the new technology designed for workers and agencies to ensure their umbrella company is compliant and safe.

28th September, 2023 | Umbrella Companies

SafeRec sits down with a worker who came perilously close to falling into the clutches of an abusive arrangement, built by a former taxman.

The tools to dismantle Jekyll and Hyde-style umbrella operators exist. But is the take-home just too tempting?

SafeRec lifts the lid on umbrella companies and your money.

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