Must-dos for contractors when a tax inspector calls under the Intermediaries legislation.

16th April, 2024 | IR35 Reading

Definitions for the terms contractors commonly come up against in the status space.

9th April, 2024 | IR35 Reading

While not a silver bullet, FPCs are worth a serious look if you’re a limited company contractor looking to limit IR35 risk.

5th February, 2024 | IR35 Reading

A contract for a defined project removes any obligations to offer or perform further services both within and between contracts.

30th April, 2004 | IR35 Reading

A key article, provided by Accountax, addressing some of the key considerations in determining whether or not a contract for services will be subject to the IR35 rules.

30th April, 2004 | IR35 Reading

John Antell explains the importance of "one man company" contractors ensuring that their contracts accurately reflect the way they work.

30th April, 2004 | IR35 Reading

Article on the Revenue's thinking towards contractors working on site and during fixed hours. Do these factors determine whether you are inside IR35?

30th April, 2004 | IR35 Reading