IT contractors won't defy Cameron on Europe

Being unsupported by the government is not grounds to vote against them in the EU referendum on June 23rd, suggests a poll of UK IT contractors.

In fact, only 17% of IT contractors say David Cameron’s administration is on their side, but 44% will vote ‘remain’ and just 20% ‘leave,’ found the poll by Pulse Umbrella Group.

Chris Futcher, the group’s chief executive, says the finding that IT contractors don’t feel as if the government is fighting their corner is “hardly surprising”.

“[It] seems like HMRC [is] constantly changing the rules of the game,” the umbrella boss added, citing new rules on travel and subsistence expenses and a new dividend tax regime.

In force since April 2016, both the changes are in addition to a removal of Entrepreneurs’ Relief on CGT when liquidating (also since April), and incoming reforms to IR35.

Futcher says ministers seem “more interested in adding red tape and reducing the financial incentives to become a contractor” than encouraging them, despite sectors relying on their skills.

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