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It’s ‘business as usual’ for many, a blow to others, yet for some contractors, says IPSE, it’ll be a reminder of financial catastrophe.

HMRC nabs two more on suspicion of ‘setting out to deliberately defraud’ the CJRS.

‘It’s up to each PSC recipient to decide for themselves. But self-reviewing, as you’ve been asked, looks prudent.’

Leaving salary at the level the government puts in won’t do, as 80% coverage is still required.

The overseas contracts hub joins the countries that contractors must self-isolate after returning from.

Miscalculation ‘fear’ hits the taxman, as SEISS overpayments trigger his plea for you to review your CJRS usage.

Brits touching down face 14 days indoors if they’ve worked in any of six new covid-19 hotspots.

Advice if you’ve taken too much needs heeding, given HMRC says it’s disinterested in innocent mistakes.

An almost defiant chancellor tells ‘stranded’ PSCs, ‘it’s not as if you’ve got nothing.’

Passionate about the rights lockdown removed, the persistent entrepreneur is waiting on a court date.

Covid-19 policy change to boost confidence comes as ‘Ltd’ directors say they’re flagging.

Taxman’s first ever CJRS detainee is met with warnings he’s unlikely to be the last.

As the taxman gets armed with 100% penalties for CJRS abuse, experts fear a clawback ‘many years down the road.’

The furlough scheme has stings in its tail for PSCs, but government must now take a hands-off approach and intervene elsewhere.

Government told it must end ‘significant financial hardship’ for coronavirus-hit limited companies.

A new 30-day notification period may help catch amounts or records which couldn’t keep track of CJRS’s 20-plus updates.

MPs warn of financial pain for those taking on covid-19, and taken in by the brolly sector’s unscrupulous.

PM acknowledges payments to PSCs are ‘very very important’, but says little else.

Working as and when is welcomed, despite concern in the temp sector about co-funding furlough payments.

Contractor accounting veteran files 1,000 pages of paperwork to do battle with ‘Boris and his crew’ over covid shutdown.

Chancellor tipped to ask companies to fork out 20-30% of furlough pay pack.

‘Stay at home…’ versus ‘Go to work…’ is likened to playing Top Trumps, without the power ratings.

Sunak extends the CJRS to October, promises answers soon, and warns of PSCs paying from August.

Clarity from HMRC about CJRS contractor payments is criticised as ‘anything but.’

Amid covid-19, PSCs might hope 3-day weeks aren’t catching. Nonetheless, something pays better than nothing.

Inside IR35 contractors using limited companies are among those to get last-minute furlough scheme details.

‘A help to many contractors’ is unveiled but on pay, those using umbrellas will be unmoved.

Limited companies enjoying ‘breathing space’ from a taxman ‘prioritising’ coronavirus support.

Coronavirus can have an upside, but one client sticking to its IR35 guns has armed PSCs with rate support.

A new HMRC update still doesn’t address what ‘desperately’ needs clarifying, despite a letter to the chancellor.

Lowest index score for almost 11 years points to COVID-19 ‘pausing’ projects, spending and hiring.

Looking after its own: the state gives 80% rate reimbursement to coronavirus-hit PSCs and others.

Chancellor cheered for getting closer to what PSC contractors need, but the consensus is that more must be done.

Coronavirus aid for freelancers, PSCs and umbrella contractors looks like it needs to come with a health warning.

Online posting could invalidate your cash claim -- and land you with a fraud charge, PSCs warned.

Like officialdom, advisers to contractors are trying to break down the ‘complex’ CJRS.

Treasury confirms that CJRS will include PSC workers, but exclude their dividends.

Assessing if the CJRS covers you isn’t easy. The hard truth is that PSCs may fall through the cracks.

Lack of financial help for limited company contractors facing COVID-19 isn’t being ignored at Lloyds.

Practical, protective steps for ContractorUK readers to take to avoid contracting COVID-19.

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