Chancellor finally concedes that disguised remuneration scheme users aren’t tax ‘evaders.’

IPSE tells the chancellor to put providers and barristers in the crosshairs instead.

Four fundamental wrongs in a new settlement plan make it unacceptable to contractors.

Extra four months will entice EBT and loan scheme contractors to settle, hopes HMRC.

Budget reveals a taxman 'desperate' to cash-in on those who refuse to fold.

Those prophesying disaster for all EBTs aren't doing so based on the latest Rangers case ruling.

Only 20 days left to avoid penalties of up to 200%.

A triumphant taxman says a 'clear message' is being sent about tax planning via EBTs.

Court victory will inspire others to settle EBT liabilities, Revenue hopes.

'Contractors unpaid from multi-jurisdiction EBTs must rely on the provider's goodwill.'

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