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S660 News

Limited company owners who claimed sensible 'tax planning' undone by 'S660.'

Husband-and-wife firms urged against leaving their business up to the divorce courts.

Tax experts don’t expect the chancellor is gearing up to raid the likes of Arctic Systems.

'S660' whispered in Whitehall for the first time since the coalition moved in.

Judge slams HMRC in its latest attempt to make s660A stick.

What IT contractors need to know about the Red Book 2008.

Legislating after losing to an IT contractor is worrying business experts.

Income shifting: share your business but don't share its profits, says the state, wielding fines.

But HMRC says the cost is unknown because it doesn't keep records.

Government: we'll have the final say on the tax affairs of family-run firms.

Advisors fear new laws will respond to HMRC's defeat by the Lords.

Thousands of family-run businesses are finally vindicated.

Wednesday is judgement day for thousands of IT contractors.

Freelance tax expert Nichola Ross Martin gives the lowdown on The Arctic Systems case.

War of words: the taxman's clash with advisors spills out of the courts.

Law Lords tipped to clarify s660A before their summer holidays.

Two IT entrepreneurs, and thousands like them, won't be straight on s660 until June.

More uncertainty for taxpayers, as Arctic won't be heard before January.

More months of uncertainty until Arctic Systems is 'finally resolved.'

Uncertainty for thousands, as taxman refuses to let £7,000 tax bill go unpaid.

Arctic Systems and 30,000 others wait on words from Revenue and Customs.

Legal expert, Roger Sinclair, on what yesterday's judgement means for contractors.

Historic day for Contractors as Arctic Systems and the PCG win S660 appeal against the Revenue.

Companies hope S660 certainty will grace their tax returns before self-assessment deadline.

Geoff and Diana Jones take their tax battle against the Revenue to the Court of Appeal.

John Antell looks at the High Court decision in the Arctic Systems case.

Arctic ruling soured your tax plans? Pay yourself as if you were inside IR35, advises top tax consultant.

Accountants warn business consultants to get off the Revenue radar.

Advisors trounce High Court claim that Arctic ruling comes without consequences for family firms.

Arctic Systems have lost their S660A appeal.

Top tax consultant, Nichola Ross Martin, reports on the recent S660 Arctic Systems Appeal: Geoffrey Peter Jones v Michael Vincent Garnett.

Today sees the start of a landmark case which could have significant implications for hundreds of thousands of husband and wife businesses.

Tax barrister to support appeal in a bid to see that the tax system is "operated in a way that is right in law, and fair and workable in practice."

The High Court appeal of the Arctic Systems case will start on 15 March 2005 and will last three days.

The Pre-Budget Report has been welcomed as a move towards a simpler tax system. But could the single tax return be a cloak for some later 'nasty bit of stealth' for contractors?

Egos reveals "minefield" of dividend payment for all those family firms still reading their S660A guidance.

Revenue guidance slammed as "Orwellian" as experts react to tax assault.

The Professional Contractors Group (PCG) has expressed its frustration with the Inland Revenue's new "Guide to the Settlements Legislation for Small Business Advisers".

The Inland Revenue has published new 'guidance' on the taxation of family firms, informing husband and wife companies not to reduce their tax bill by taking a dividend payment.

Growing body of experts say landmark ruling was 'invalid' as Revenue dismiss Artic case as of insignificant interest.

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