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Technology News

‘Have you tried turning it off and on again?’ is often an ask too far.

And technology companies are the biggest shirkers of their GDPR responsibilities.

‘Can you hear me now?’ Small firms come forward to pinpoint network not-spots.

A first of its kind win for one of two businessmen whose conviction will be ‘forgotten.’

ICO agrees to no hauling over the coals (initially), and issues 12 steps to get GDPR-ready.

EU privacy rule incoming to protect Britain in the digital age.

Health service offers remedies before 'further possibly significant' ransomware attacks hit.

2017 trends report says machine learning, IoT and streaming will grab the spotlight.

Most corporate bosses worry about GDPR; but not whether it bites or not.

Commercial cloud and software users to pay the price for the plunging pound.

Makers of a free film on mobile development hope to be a hit with the jobless.

Software firm says GDPR isn't going to be one less EU regulation to worry about.

Extra sub-band and airwaves floated to give apps (and users) the fillip they need.  

Cost of data-harvesting law could leave British IT firms uncompetitive, MPs warn.

Telco's sarcastic staff recorded after not properly hanging up the phone.

Certain punctuation marks at the end of an SMS show how sincere 'u' really are.

Regulator to press the likes of Dropbox about fees rising and space shrinking.

New EU funds will help keep The University of St Andrews at the forefront of software technology. 

Rise in information leakage comes amid a call to send the worst offenders to jail.

ISPs agree to let customers leave (penalty-free) if 'speeds fall below acceptable levels.'

What IT teams should be doing to head off network downtime and data loss.

Government pours in funds to helps techies with a social conscience find solutions.

Speak up on the fastest ever mobile services, coming down the line inside of five years. 

Security firm will say if you're a victim of the biggest ever data grab, for a price.

Contractors in all corners of the UK 'still struggling to connect with clients online.'

IT leaders alerted to the many areas where the capital can improve as a tech hub.

ICO said to be considering a closer look at how the auction giant's database was hacked. 

Invite-only masterclass ready to hear from socially conscious data specialists.

Ofcom wants help to avoid WiFi and mobile internet’s 'capacity crunch.'

NHS emergency staff deployed biros when IT failed without a back-up.

FTSE 350 chairmen must personally fill out a new cyber governance survey.

The benefits of the government's Cloud First Policy far outweigh the risks.

Officials want your view of a ‘superfast’ patent processing service.

How the IT landscape evolved last year and its shape in 2013.

Tech bosses back Osborne, but say UK IT needs a strategy.

Rogue software sent Knight Capital on an 'erroneous' share trading spree.

Osborne takes his first promised step to reinforce the UK as a tech centre.

TLDs opening up presents small service providers with a host of opportunities.

'Range of problems need sorting, quite apart from opening an online shop of protected content.'

Charity to government IT training firm: 'Stuff your contract.'

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