Software developers get cash for healthcare fixes

Almost £500,000 to support small software developers to produce new and innovative ways to tackle health and social care problems has been invested by the government.

Via the Midata programme, the investment will fund 2 ‘Pit-Stops’, whereby developers experiment with newly available data and get help and advice on how to overcome barriers.

The data, provided from a variety of sources, will be used to develop phone apps and online tools that bring together the records about the health and social care that a person receives.

“Data provides huge opportunities to consumers but they remain nervous about how organisations use data that is personal to them,” said Neil Crockett, chief executive of the Digital Catapult, a state-funded centre for advancing digital ideas.

“Similarly, data-owning companies are reluctant to release closed data in case it is misused or leaked to competitors. We need to break down these barriers if the UK is going to realise the potential data liquidity in its economy.”

Developers will work on ways for individuals to give permission to others to see and use the records to organise more efficient and co-ordinated services.

According to the business department, this will improve the care the individual receives and save the suppliers, such as local authorities and hospital trusts, money.

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