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Umbrella Company News

In a landmark ruling for the umbrella sector, it’s officially ‘out’ with the pro-rating holiday pay formula of 12.07%, and ‘in’ with the 5.6 weeks’ calculation.

Accreditation body backtracks on banning brollies from pocketing accrued pay, in what's being described as an 'open-and-shut case of the tail wagging the dog.'

Disqualified for eight years, not a lifetime, experts say the director of Best Employment Services ‘got off lightly.’

With the government excluding an employment bill amid ‘rife’ non-compliance, it’s left to Margaret Beels to do what ministers ‘unsurprisingly’ are shirking.

Amid more imposter companies registering with Companies House to commit fraud, one victim fears the end isn’t even in sight.

Fresh from clearing JSA, the compliance group is told of ‘a lot, lot more’ to come than just a holiday pay pocketing allegation.

Trade body wants a multi-organisational response to ‘strike off the clones’ and ‘pursue the perpetrators.’

The Mirror reports on the contractor sector’s new fraud, with serious implications for ‘brollies and their users’ not being prevented by the BEIS agency.

The brolly call for evidence is answered with ‘naming and shaming,’ dates and outright bans.

The death knell is being heard for some brollies in wake of a court verdict which, for once, favours contractors.

IPSE, JobsAware and LITRG are helping officials get the hard evidence on brollies that they need.

Contractors specifically asked to respond to HM Treasury’s call on the brolly sector, even if it is overdue.

Unexpectedly, HMT gives ContractorUK readers a chance to help shape the future of brolly regulation.

The feedback form for the beta service looks likely to be mixed, as division over the risk-checker continues.

Government keeps ‘doing nothing but publishing some guidance,’ but a new Revenue three-parter is hailed as a ‘must-read.’