Contractors' Questions: What about PII in Germany?

Contractor's Question: I need some advice about professional insurances in Germany. I wish to take out the equivalent of what is public liability & professional Indemnity insurance in the UK; is this straightforward?

Expert's Answer: You'll probably want to consider those PI services, such as CUK's contractor insurance , where the liability/indemnity policies available provide almost worldwide coverage (excluding USA/Canada in the linked example). In your circumstances if, you, as a UK-registered contractor carried out work in Germany, you would be covered under these policies, providing your contract and terms of business are based on UK law, and that any dispute is fought under UK legal jurisdiction. So ideal if, for example, SAP (UK) appointed a contractor with a UK-registered limited company to go and work at their offices in Hamburg for 6 months.

Although you might wish to consult an expert on international insurance law for more specific, definitive advice, should you be working for a German corporate on a contract governed by German law, you would probably need to source insurance locally. That said, a quick internet search shows there are at least two big-name insurers covering UK-registered IT consultants working in Germany.

The expert was Caunce O' Hara , an insurance provider for freelancers.