Top 5 benefits of using a recruitment agency to find your next contract

Searching for your next contract can become extremely exhausting and time-consuming, especially if you’re not looking in the right places. Using a recruitment agency can remove a lot of the hassle in finding your next contract job whilst also helping bridge the gap between contracts.

Recruitment agencies have become very popular amongst contractors as not only can they provide great support, but they also have multiple connections which can be hugely beneficial in securing your next contract job.

Here are the top five benefits of using a recruitment agency to find your next contract, as told in collaboration with IC Resources, a specialist Technology Recruitment company which has helped many contractors secure work.

1. Support and Guidance

Throughout the job-hunting process, it can be difficult to realise what your application is lacking and why you’re not being selected for the contracts you apply for. Your CV and interviews play a huge role in your success and luckily, recruitment agencies can assist in ensuring these elements are the best they can be. Recruitment agencies can provide you with the best tips and tools to make your CV stand out in the right way, this could involve changing your CV layout or simply adding keywords for specific contracts. These small changes could be an excellent way for you to secure interview opportunities.

Interviews play an extremely important role as this is your first personal interaction with your potential new client and could be the making/breaking point of your entire application. A great way to get ahead of your competitors is ensuring you are interview ready. Recruitment agencies can provide interview support, from what you should expect from the interview process and presentation tips, to advice on how you can prepare to ensure a successful outcome. Having these opportunities to develop your interview skills can help improve any anxiety felt towards interviews, which can understandably be a daunting experience.

These added benefits of support and guidance are excellent reasons for choosing a recruitment agency to find your next contract job.

2. Industry Knowledge and Experience

Recruitment agencies deal with a number of clients and projects on a daily basis which leads to constant opportunities to gain valuable experience and industry knowledge. Their high volume of available contract jobs can help you to reduce gaps between your contracts, which not only means that your income is consistent, but it also increases your experience. The more contract jobs you take on through the recruitment agency, the greater your industry knowledge and skills in your field will become, making you extremely desirable to potential clients.

Increased experience and developing industry knowledge go hand in hand when completing new contract jobs however these elements also help to build a strong reputation that will stay with you throughout your career. Using a recruitment agency to find your next contract will also allow you to build a trustworthy client base as the more contract jobs you complete, the greater your existence within the field will grow.

3. Professional Representation

Using a recruitment agency allows an extra edge when applying for contracts as you are provided with professional representation throughout the entire experience. This professional representation helps to set you aside from your competitors as you are not just another CV thrown on the pile, you have the added emphasis as to why you’d be a perfect fit for that contract. Recruiters will enhance your chances of getting the contract you’re applying for, they will talk up your skills, strengths, and experience all while highlighting why you’re an excellent match for their project.

Recruiters can also help when it comes to negotiating any offers received throughout the process. They put their best effort forward to gain an excellent outcome – this process is extremely useful if a contractor is anxious or uncomfortable when discussing offers. There are always situations where contractors need a little extra support when they apply for work in terms of the rate they will receive. As the recruitment consultants have experience in understanding and negotiating contractors’ needs on a daily basis, they have the ability to translate exactly what is required from the potential client in a professional manner.

4. The agency does the searching for you

It can become extremely exhausting searching for a new contract job, having to ensure you match the required criteria as well as finding the best work environment that suits your needs. Recruitment agencies take this stressful process out of the job hunt as they do the searching for you! This can be an excellent way of finding a new contract if you find job searching too time consuming. They take on the challenge to find contracts that match your skillset and experience whilst also considering your location. Searching for contracts is one of the recruitment agencies top priorities, they have years’ worth of experience in narrowing down job requirements to suit contractors’ needs and this can be an important element in ensuring no time is wasted with unmatched contract jobs and unnecessary interviews.

Another great factor of having a recruitment agency doing the job search for you is that they have access to multiple contracts all at one time. This can help enhance the possibility of getting a new contract as the opportunities are lined up and ready to go which would hopefully result in at least one positive outcome. By having multiple contract jobs available to you, you have the ability to choose and select any contracts that stand out the most or that you feel would be the perfect new work environment for you.

5. Connections

By having many years of experience being a well-established recruitment agency, it is natural to have built up an impressive clientele. It is extremely common for recruitment agencies to have strong connections with companies who work in partnership together to fill contract jobs. These clients will be able to provide contract job opportunities on a regular basis and will have extreme trust in who the recruitment agency is putting forward for their contracts. Some companies also work exclusively with recruitment agencies, which allows a competitive edge to those who choose to use them, as these particular contracts are not visible on regular job boards.

Recruitment agencies having a vast variety of connections, creates the perfect opportunity to be matched with the right company and contacts, as the consultants are aware of both your needs whilst also having the knowledge of what/who their clients are looking for. These relationships that agencies have with reputable clients are yet another way in which they can help you with securing your new contract.

Using a recruitment agency could therefore be the best step forward in finding your next contract job. They will take the time to find the most suitable contract for you and allow you the opportunity to extend your knowledge in the field and build your experience.

IC Resources has several helpful tips and tools surrounding contracting roles that can help take you further in your career. Read more here.

Tuesday 14th Sep 2021
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