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Successful Contracting

Covid-19 saw priorities shift. But KID could see agencies on the block, as it’s now an in-force requirement.

Check. Map. Choose. And other advice to keep your clients and your contractor company data-savvy.  

As banks ban PSCs, it’s time to explore how else to contract. Fortunately, the options aren’t that limited.

Staying overnight as a contractor? Read the review of a consultant whose had more meals away than he can remember.

Exercising your maternity or paternity rights as an umbrella or limited company worker.

Cases like Uber, Deliveroo and Pimlico are only the start of paid leave changing.

'Don't be afraid' and other recommendations to help get your client to pay on time.

Step-by-step guide for contractors on managing business disputes effectively.

Spot the mis-match, and other tips for taking on a new supplier or client.

Top 10 considerations for one-person companies who take on the self-employed.

Tips on how to avoid burning your fingers, this Shrove Tuesday and beyond.

In an ideal world, a contractor’s skills would be the only thing they were judged on. The harsh reality is that how you look is just as important as your CV.

'Ideal Contractor' checklist: You're not just about technical skills.

Trudging in to same imagination-stunting corporation day in day out for years on end not float your boat? Then contracting could be for you.

More pay? In theory, yes, but all things considered, the difference in take home pay may not be so marked, but there are lots of other benefits - including side-stepping office politics.

Variety is the spice of life: changing roles blows the dust from neglected corners of your brain and enliven dodgy patches of the CV.

Motivated by money? Certainly ... among other things.

The IT Coach offers an 'un-ostrich-like' strategy for uncertain times.

Contractors can compete by working faster, smarter and by paying attention to clients' problems.

Last in line for everything and the difficulties of being an 'outsider'.

'Take the money and run' doesn't always compensate for the downsides.

Beyond the financial rewards, we explore what motivates a freelance to do their utmost for a client.

The insult 'money grabbing blaggers' has been said of them, but there is honour among contractors.

Few contractors make the positive decision to go long-term. It just happens.

Contractors warned that sweet success does not depend on sugar-coated titles.

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