Umbrella Company - more guides

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A rundown on the inappropriate practice at the centre of allegations against one of the sector’s well-known umbrellas.

A bypass to inside IR35/OPW payment processes has emerged – with potentially lethal HMRC consequences for agencies and end-clients.

With IR35 reform on the horizon, the good, the bad and the ugly brollies are out in force.

What payslips need to look like, contain and not include, to help ensure you’re getting every penny that you’re due.

What contractors should ask to work out which PAYE brolly is best for them.

Rate, deductions, conversation, and IR35. And possibly explorable in that order -- if you want to avoid nasty surprises as an umbrella employee.

How to understand salary sacrifice pensions as an umbrella company worker.

The FCSA, Professional Passport, Parasol, SAW Consulting and Clarity Umbrella do some crystal ball gazing for ContractorUK readers.

‘Beware of brollies bearing gifts’ -- and other tips for agencies and contractors hoping to shut down the underhand umbrellas.

A refresher on one of the key terms on your payslip -- still being bandied about the umbrella market.

An overview to building a nest egg through a contractor umbrella company.

Another £9,000 thanks to the chancellor could well inspire IR35-hit contractors back into the fold, even via brolly roles caught by the legislation.

Now you’ve gone brolly, recap what ‘SDC’ means for your expenses as an umbrella employee.

Reviewing your payslip and pay report is a must when you work through an umbrella company.

Know your rights to Statutory Sick Pay as an umbrella contractor, but get clued up before you fall unwell.

Make the umbrella company selection process less daunting by posing these ten queries.

How Pay As You Earn through an umbrella company differs from through a recruitment agency.

Payments, pensions and deductions not being to your liking doesn’t (always) mean they’re unlawful.

An overview of the benefits of brollies, and the many (many) aspects to beware.

The top 10 considerations when setting up an umbrella company for contractors.