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With over twenty years’ experience in the sector, Carolyn assists freelancers, contractors, agency and umbrella company workers, interpreting tax legislation and guidance with a no-nonsense approach.

Previously, she worked for HM Revenue & Customs and in 2004, was invited to become a stakeholder in all consultation processes relating to tax and the employment status of workers, and the various schemes promoted to them.

She is the managing director of Andraste Accounting Ltd, which provides accountancy services to small businesses and also CWC Solutions, which advises agency workers on tax compliance and managing an HMRC investigation.

Author Content

By claiming PSCs are 90% non-compliant and then making their clients liable, HMRC pulled off a master stroke. Chancellor Kwarteng must act.

‘Just because you can doesn’t mean that you should.’ And other tax/life lessons that Akshata Murty’s status row can teach us.

Why we should all recognise Check Employment Status for Tax as only one of many means to an end.

Despite a long list of ways to apparently reduce your tax fine, the room for manoeuvre is actually very small.

Last night’s story of 'Britain’s Ghost Companies' should compel the taxman to take no more of this pernicious fraud.

A BBC radio show finally tuned in to a long-running problem. But the veracity of the on-air claims are worthy of scrutiny too.

The new kid on the shady block is thanking their lucky stars. But it’s users who will end up far from fortunate.

Workers wanting to be ‘in the know’ (plus a new regulator) give KIDs a bright future.

Expert gives unexpected advice to PSCs treated as permies: ‘make like HMRC.’

18th February, 2020 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

Making a few quick admin and accounting moves is how nimble consultancies can fight back against the banks’ IR35 overreaching.

All eyes are on IR35 from 2020, but it’s actually the Agency Legislation which could see contractors’ staple payments reclassified.

A 25% siphon from your pay adds up to fraud, and may build the fraudster a buffer.

Another April 2020 change will add to the admin-compliance burden, but PSCs might actually like this one.

The contractor compliance cocktail is strong but, fortunately, IR35 and MSC can’t be mixed.

Ex-Revenue officer advises an IT contractor whose client has got the fear.

11th February, 2019 | Successful Contracting

Reassurance for a contractor fearing 'part and parcel' due to receiving employee perks.

2nd February, 2019 | Successful Contracting

Ex-inspector says her old boss understandably wants to understand working practices.

New anti-money laundering rules will be the eye of a perfect legislative storm from Tuesday.

Slightly less liabilities on hirers, plus chain-wide IR35 compliance? HMRC may have found its answer.

Claims being made about claims are unnecessarily clouding convoluted T&S rules.

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