With HMRC pursuing both accountants and contractors under MSC rules, the time for action is now.

More contractor accountants getting assessed as MSCPs is ‘obvious’ but, for now, one firm is forcefully fighting back.

Taxman updates the ‘little-read’ series with his MSC victory -- a ‘battering ram.’

First ever appeal against the MSC legislation goes the taxman's way; convincingly.

All eyes are on new laws, but it’s the 2007 MSC rules that are costing contractors many thousands.   

Contractors increasingly on the receiving end of HMRC demands for unpaid tax.

Online alert that being a service company's officer or partner is no defence.

Fear and loathing of debt transfer has compelled industry to act.

Experts are no longer alone in thinking a plan to accredit MSCs is flawed.

A call to accredit service providers is being considered by HMRC.

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