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Crawford Temple is the CEO and founder of Professional Passport which is the largest independent assessor of provider compliance in the UK. Established in 2007, Professional Passport provides an independent compliance standard for the payment intermediaries market in an attempt to create a more level playing field across the sector and provide a positive differentiation for those providers operating in line with those standards. Today, Professional Passport is widely recognised as the benchmark of provider compliance with many in the supply chain now insisting on using Professional Passport accredited providers.

Independent of any provider, recruiter or client allows an objective view of the market and the Professional Passport compliance review is the only one on the market that is insurance backed by a blue-chip insurance company providing £5m of cover.

As an expert and veteran of the industry, Crawford Temple works closely with many key Government departments on all matters relating to supply chain compliance in an effort to support and promote the sector and drive up compliance standards.

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