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Graham is a Chartered Accountant and has run his own accountancy practice, Jenner Accountants Ltd, for over 20 years and is the MD of Nopalaver Group, which provides Umbrella company and other services to contractors. He specialises in dealing with family run businesses and contractors, supported by a strong team including 5 qualified accountants.

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How to get the most from online number-crunchers, programmed to tot up your take-home.

6th March, 2024 | Limited Companies

Lawful or Laughable? Security reforms on the UK register of companies shouldn’t push up prices – just as they shouldn’t be a joke.

In spite of the dreaded M-word, PSCs probably won’t shed too many tears waving goodbye to P11Ds from April 2026.

The admin side to the most complicated of business expenses, and how it could save you if an inspector calls.

29th November, 2023 | Expenses

A mutual offering to contractor PSCs sounds a bit 'meh.' But in key areas, that’s exactly what this chancellor managed.

Your name in lights is absolutely possible as a PSC, but whether that stardom comes with a tax deduction is probably one for your accountant, else HMRC.

15th November, 2023 | Limited Companies

Whether it’s your end-client or agency doing the reimbursing, be aware the sum cannot simply be regarded as tax-free.

7th November, 2023 | Expenses

Overview on capital assets and how to write-off a variety of IT contractor items, ranging from cars to specialist equipment.

30th October, 2023 | Limited Companies

Like any other software, AI tools need only pass the ‘wholly’ and ‘exclusively’ tests to be tax deductible.

22nd August, 2023 | Expenses

Just like tiny companies, us advisers can only hope Spring Statement’s vow of easier HMRC interactions doesn’t get broken like our tax system.

Understanding a historical game of cat and mouse is a good start to going unincorporated for your next contract.

3rd May, 2023 | Successful Contracting

No hard and fast rules doesn’t mean there isn’t a formula to reveal the amount you’ll need for illness and downtime.

26th April, 2023 | Money

What a self-billing arrangement is, looks like; saves, and requires of you and your contractor recruitment agency.

5th April, 2023 | Money

Corporation tax hikes by Rishi Sunak pre-Budget still sting the most, but pension hikes by Jeremy Hunt post-Budget could help the most.

16th March, 2023 | Limited Companies

Barring a Budget U-turn, many limited companies will suffer increased HMRC liabilities -- higher than the government is letting on.

1st March, 2023 | Limited Companies

With HMRC liabilities on profits set to get more taxing, directors who didn’t charge before may find that from April, every little helps.

24th February, 2023 | Limited Companies

A director seeking faster home-broadband gets the green light, assuming supplying clients is the main motivator.

20th February, 2023 | Expenses

Transferring a spouse’s gift to the PSC is the only way to get tax relief and even then, watch second-hand values don’t make it a waste of time.

26th January, 2023 | Limited Companies

Top tips for limited company directors who don’t want HMRC to clock their wrist device.

6th January, 2023 | Expenses

Following a ding-dong on the costs of getting VAT wrong, here’s what PSCs signed up for MTD really need to know.

16th September, 2022 | VAT