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John Yerou is a British executive and serial entrepreneur, who has founded a number of financial services companies. He is best known for founding Mortgage Quest, an unbiased and wholly independent financial service company. During his career, he has held the positions of director, vice director and managing director for a variety of tech-led companies, before becoming a true pioneer of independent financial services in the UK.

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It’s wild; hysterical and panic-inducing – and that’s only the coverage. Fortunately for contractors, the likelihood is just a reversion of the property market to 2021.

With virtually all lenders withdrawing fixed deals amid unprecedented volatility, it’s hard to imagine a better time to use a broker.

Kwasi Kwarteng just dropped a giveth and taketh Budget of a different kind, as most contractors will welcome it.

27th September, 2022 | Money

Contractors who took covid help can of course still get a home loan -- but that help must have been for the right reasons.

5th September, 2022 | Money

Even the Bank of Auntie probably only gets visited occasionally (by PSCs trying to put down more on a property).

A home loan insulated from inflation for half a century looks just the ticket. But is it a case of looks being deceiving?

A 27-year high in inflation? Not grounds to panic (just yet), but likely a cause for action if you’re a limited company contractor with a mortgage.

With interest rate rises seeming far from over, remortgaging never looked so appealing -- even if it gives you a sting in the short-term.

Money Saving Expert agrees -- for those looking for the best mortgage deal, banking on anything less than a broker isn’t a risk worth taking.

Discover how lenders prefer to assess brolly contractor earnings for home loan purposes.

24th November, 2021 | Umbrella Companies

What your home loan prospects look like if you switch from off-payroll to employment.

12th November, 2021 | Money

Home loans expert John Yerou rounds-up what the chancellor’s moves might mean for property buyers.

28th October, 2021 | Money

Freelancer Financials on why your off-payroll status does not impact your chances of a home loan.

16th September, 2021 | IR35

How the contractor-friendly bank regards you, and how many times salary it’ll lend.

The contractor-friendly lender has outdone itself with the lowest, LOWEST mortgage rate -- ever.

It’s nice to think lenders are watching the courts for direction on their customers’ status. Shame they aren’t.

The self-employed and vanilla variants won’t get close to the 4.49x annualised income that contractor mortgage brokers can offer you.

18th May, 2021 | Money

When the ‘good news for the self-employed’ in The Times isn’t quite what it seems.

The shrewd who want property won’t listen to the mainstream media, but will use an interpreter for their contract income.

An extension by the chancellor in March would make the housing market’s triple threat manageable.

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