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Matt Collingwood is the Managing Director of VIQU Ltd. an IT recruitment and project-based consultancy company with offices in Birmingham and Southampton. Matt is also the co-founder of the Recruitment Canaries, a network of West Midlands based recruitment agencies who encourage collaboration, best practice and upholding the standards and ethics of the recruitment industry.

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To do you right, your agent should stop you joining the long line of brolly employees switching mid-contract for the wrong reason.

As recession looms, at least the type of IT contractor recruitment agent you need isn’t in doubt (assuming you like your back scratched).

Agency boss shares some oft-overlooked tips for staying, securing and leaving.

25th August, 2022 | Successful Contracting

What organisations should look at and where, to decide who they need; permies or freelancers.

4th August, 2022 | Successful Contracting

Listed: the advantages and disadvantages of taking on contractors.

25th July, 2022 | Successful Contracting

Running more than one remote contract at a time, on the sly, is a ruse with consequences we could all end up reaping.

‘Reasonable care, skill and diligence’ is required of PSCs. So don’t splurge, fail to file, or put doggie treats on expenses.

A trio of ‘don'ts’ for freelance techies to remember -- even if your skills are hot.

10th June, 2022 | Successful Contracting

Recruiter tricks revealed and contractor tips given -- by a veteran tech agent who knows how to get you the maximum.

27th May, 2022 | Successful Contracting

Three staffing agencies have been hacked – not that any of them are letting on, to you or the ICO. Here’s what contractors can do.

Agency answers the age-old query of why contractors find their umbrellas blocked.

9th February, 2022 | Guide To Agencies

The pay when caught and not caught by the off-payroll rules is heading for a 26% gap.

1st February, 2022 | IR35

Six development gigs you can land right now, plus a preview of what’s next on skills, rates and IR35.

18th January, 2022 | Successful Contracting

Foreign techies should be among the mix to fix what Brexit and covid are exacerbating.

Revealed: Three personality-types that make engagers of IT contractors difficult, overbearing, even notorious.

More of the same, some of the new and a fair dose of ‘we told you so?’ It’s all part of today’s ‘pick and choose’ IT contractor jobs market.

‘Beware of brollies bearing gifts’ -- and other tips for agencies and contractors hoping to shut down the underhand umbrellas.

26th May, 2021 | Umbrella Companies

‘Agents ought to push back on short inside IR35 gigs, and stop misrepresenting pay.’

28th April, 2021 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

Universal it’s not, but clients are forking out more for freelance tech skills, knowing the off-payroll rules are hurting.

Taxing off-payroll rules just as the economy fires up? Believe it or not, the timing could hardly be better.

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