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Matt specialises in corporate and restructuring solutions with over 30-years’ experience having started his career in 1990 with Ernst & Young. He has since worked with other national firms, undertaking business restructuring in the UK and overseas. Matt later joined BDO undertaking restructuring assignments with the main clearing banks working in the property, construction and leisure sectors. Matt is now co-owner of Beacon LLP and is focused on helping SMEs.

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What a Supreme Court ruling might mean for other directors who pay dividends only for their companies to subsequently enter administration.

CVL or MVL? That’s the question for director-led liquidations. Either way, ensure your IP is licensed.

1st August, 2022 | MVL

The options are many and complex, and choosing the right strategy can make a huge difference to you and your financial future.

13th July, 2022 | Limited Companies

What to do, ask, look at --- and who to call, if your contractor limited company is in arrears.

7th July, 2022 | Limited Companies

With the government rigorously pursuing BBL abusers, knowing the rights and wrongs of the scheme’s usage is critical.

28th June, 2022 | Limited Companies

A small challenger group, or 85% of all contractor accountants? Regardless of which is proved to be the true scale, an HMRC win would have a big impact.

Just like CVLs, insolvencies are going in the wrong direction for the recovery effort. So let’s all hope IR35 determinations continue to turn the corner.