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Michelle Reilly is the CEO of 6CATS International and Founder of 6CATSPRO. With over 20 years experience in developing and managing contractor workforce solutions, she is an expert in international tax compliance.

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Clarifications for an eagle-eyed reader who, to be a freelancer, will need a degree.

22nd September, 2021 | Contracting Overseas

What Britons and EU brolly users need to know to get on-payroll in Europe’s largest economy.

7th September, 2021 | Contracting Overseas

No one-size-fits-all brolly solution means an ‘international umbrella’ for Spain, or elsewhere, won’t cover you.

11th August, 2021 | Contracting Overseas

Six scenarios which Brexit guidance to work temporarily abroad will likely refer to, and which contractors should beware.

Both agencies and contractors eyeing opportunities abroad need to look before they leap.

13th August, 2020 | Contracting Overseas

Quirky and unconventional, the home of Nokia won’t take kindly to complacency.

20th June, 2019 | Contracting Overseas

A local sponsor, not an umbrella, is what an offshore account holder needs to find.

16th May, 2019 | Contracting Overseas

‘Three-month stints in 2019 or 2020 at clients in the EU still can’t be planned for.’

4th April, 2019 | Contracting Overseas

Quirks to make you smirk: where in the world is an eccentric host of contractors.

7th March, 2019 | Contracting Overseas

‘Same status is possible, but getting local advice on the ground is a definite must.’

11th February, 2019 | Contracting Overseas

Top tips for a PSC planted in South Africa finding it fruitless contacting HMRC.

28th January, 2019 | Expenses

Fertile but murky. Treading carefully is a pre-requisite of Bucharest-based contracts.

22nd November, 2018 | Contracting Overseas

Numerous documents, plus a place to stash them at, required for a Bucharest-bound techie.

19th October, 2018 | Contracting Overseas

SDC, not his wife, seems to be the main issue for a contractor inbound from South Africa.

16th October, 2018 | Expenses

Deportation from a luxury apartment among the risks for a techie who took a punt.

10th October, 2018 | Contracting Overseas

Revealed: the oddest laws abroad that lie in wait to catch contractors unaware. 

29th April, 2018 | Contracting Overseas

Where in the world is warming up for contractors wanting a break from the norm.

2nd February, 2016 | Contracting Overseas

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