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Nick Hood

Nick has been an insolvency professional for over thirty years. He specialises in the owner-managed SME sector. He’s committed to finding positive solutions to business problems.

Author Content

It may be your own business, but Companies House could end up naming it. And that’s even if you did your new director duty of pledging you’ll do no wrong.

1st December, 2022 | Limited Companies

Unfortunately the limited company workload isn’t going to lighten. But this non-negotiable ‘reform’ might have the odd upside.

23rd November, 2022 | Limited Companies

What the taxman gives with one hand as a tax refund to a failed PSC, he will surely try to take back with the other from its director.

Guide for contractors who want to know their ‘PLC’ from their ‘Ltd.’

29th September, 2022 | Limited Companies

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