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Nikola started her journey with Markel Tax in 2017 as an office administrator working within numerous areas of Markel’s business including dealing with client schemes, contract reviews and the Survive35 TaxSafe product. Nikola joined the contractor solutions team in 2019, where she gained a deep understanding of the contracting industry - specifically IR35 legislation, employment status and the agency legislation. She currently deals with all types of IR35 issues, CIS and handles HMRC enquires, and now advises all types of clients and accountants in these areas.

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An off-payroll contractor’s rundown of in-business factors -- vital to help you demonstrate outside IR35.

29th February, 2024 | Successful Contracting

Is a written offer by the taxman which is doing the rounds a sign he’s bitten off more than he chew? Probably.  

18th December, 2023 | MSC Main

Despite what agencies, and potentially clients might have you believe, they can’t just contract themselves out of a legal obligation.

12th December, 2023 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

A helpful ‘pause’ for the IR35-probed has now been confirmed, but it’s logical that any refunds won’t go to contractors.

3rd October, 2023 | IR35

Showing, finding, staying and exercising are key to seeing off an IR35 inspector.

4th July, 2023 | IR35

Recruiters rather than contractors have more sway in getting a client to rethink, even though PSCs ought to be involved in the status process.

21st June, 2023 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

A change in status. A high dividend low salary-split. Both are red rags to a potentially bullish HMRC.

5th May, 2023 | IR35

The irreducible minimum’s third aspect, plus secondary factors, got the Sky Sports commentator the one outcome he wanted.

2nd February, 2023 | IR35