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Thomas Wallace

Tom is a former HMRC Senior Inspector of Taxes who has worked in and led teams in all taxpayer segments dealing with large multinationals to small businesses. 

Tom was appointed Director of Tax Investigations at WTT Consulting in 2020, where he is currently responsible for developing strategies for dealing with HMRC enquiries and client litigation. 

He also offers ad-hoc tax advice and planning to WTT’s private clients and is an associate of The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP)

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An overview to the vital court proceeding which holds public bodies like HMRC to account.

8th May, 2024 | Successful Contracting

Two cases concerning notification to HMRC have just been put to judges, and neither went in favour of the avoidance scheme provider.

Despite being legally required to, the taxman taking offline those he ‘named and shamed’ just a short time ago doesn’t give contractors the protection they want - and need.

With the loan charge year about to run out, this DA season hit contractors harder than usual. And then there’s the kicker -- a tax on PAYE tax.

A 'disguised remuneration' scheme user wondering about running away ponders when, if it all, this ‘mess’ will ever end.

30th May, 2022 | Successful Contracting

The taxman is seeing how far the boundary of the 2007 rules will stretch, to snare perhaps thousands of PSCs in his net.

14th April, 2022 | MSC Main

An overview to a very complex area of tax law, particularly without advice: CGT.

18th March, 2022 | Money

September 30th is a cut-off many can’t afford to ignore. Not that HMRC is making successful applications easy.

Emails released under FoI rules confirm HMRC’s failure to alter its approach is its failure to achieve resolution. And it’s a failure signed off at the very top.

More so than anyone else in this already fearful year of covid-19, Loan Charge contractors face a very real, immediate and dreaded choice.

A better than expected Morse Review, for you and us, is why battleplans are being drawn up, by them.

Dead ahead: Contractors, brace yourselves for a surface-level assessment of considerable icebergs.