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Tom Bradley is the Director of JSB Private Healthcare Limited, an Appointed Representative of WPA Healthcare Practice Plc. He has a wealth of knowledge and his expert and professional advice is guaranteed when recommending WPA products.

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Find out the best way for contractors to pay for their private health insurance.

12th April, 2019 | Limited Companies

Can you afford to be ill and lose valuable earnings? With ContractorUK and their partner WPA (Western Provident Association) you are guaranteed award winning private medical insurance. We have a tailored range of policies for Contractors, the self-employed, their families all at very affordable prices supported by excellent customer service.

WPA currently have a special offer whereby you can add your partner or family member free for a year, or receive a 25% discount for single cover policies. Plus, ContractorUK readers receive an ongoing 10% discount from the second year onwards for being referred to WPA by ContractorUK. This will be our strongest offer this year supporting applications from both families and individuals. This promotion is in addition to the self-employed discount of up to 20% on any application through ContractorUK. 

15th March, 2006 | Insurance