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Latest Contractor Guides

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Transferring a spouse’s gift to the PSC is the only way to get tax relief and even then, watch second-hand values don’t make it a waste of time.

Twelve things that PSC bosses come a cropper with when tax deadline day approaches.

Five things you can try right now to turn down that nagging feeling of overwhelm.

Seemingly because a protected agency is also a protected client, a ruse is on to convince contractors they have an insurable interest -- when they don’t.

Successful people take intentional actions. What are yours so this year you’ll thrive, rather than just survive?

Top tips for limited company directors who don’t want HMRC to clock their wrist device.

For contractors it could be a boon. For everyone else, it’s a case of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Less obvious but still tried and tested ways to land more per hour or per day, in 2023.

A refresher on one of the key terms on your payslip -- still being bandied about the umbrella market.

Markel Tax shares its hopes for the year ahead, following 12 months of HMRC-related uncertainty for the contractor sector.

Where’s paying the most to IT contractors, and will continue offering premiums in 2023.

Top tax compliance expert demystifies imminent changes to HMRC’s Value Added Tax regime.

Work-winning expert Matt Craven reveals what will get your contractor CV binned in 2023. 

The FCSA, Professional Passport, Parasol, SAW Consulting and Clarity Umbrella do some crystal ball gazing for ContractorUK readers.

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