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IT Contracts Guides & Features

The most frequently infringed contract terms when signing a services contract too often get skimmed over.

Honour, embed and execute the following to succeed as a freelance software engineer. Especially if your GitHub is showing spaghetti code.

Unfettered substitution as a sign-post to ‘no employment relationship’ is a top takeaway from the food courier firm’s legal win.

How to approach your staple document as a supplier; why the small print matters, and when to push back.

Why words are wisest to take care of the three Cs – Complexity, Certainty, Coverage.

Inside, outside, on the side. Wherever its terms are, the contract is an extremely important memorial of your agreement.

These two staples of the workplace sound alike, but couldn’t be more different -- not that a label can tell you which is which.

How fixed term contracts differ from regular contracts through agencies, limited companies and brollies.

Why you need to be clear on the scope of duties at the outset, before any dispute arises.

What the IT sector's tiniest consultancies should take from a battle between two of its giants.

PCG offers guidance on new IR35-unfriendly contracts being foisted on freelancers.

You can’t afford to skim-read amid new clauses for persons who are ‘controlling’ or ‘off-payroll.’

A contract ruled as illegal is no basis to bring claims on the rights it may afford.

Incurred or to be incurred? That is the question which robbed a bank of its losses.

Even lawful ‘bullying’ tactics can render your contract unenforceable – IT lawyer.

Barrister, John Antell, on getting the contract right.

Contracts for services that reflect the arrangements are still determinative of status – Lawspeed.

Why the courts could be about to make consultancy agreements more appealing.

Seven questions IT freelancers should ask about their contract.

Legal aid on fighting cuts to your pay, duration and contract.

Legal aid for when agents, clients and contractors go back on their word.

Legal aid for when contractors are pushed to accept the unacceptable.

What should you be wary of before agreeing a contract with your agency or client? There are two broad areas that contractors should be concerned with - exposure to commercial risk and exposure to IR35 liabilities.

Legal expert on what the high court is saying about ‘subject to contract’ negotiations.

Four contractual sins for agency contractors to abhor, by Cubism Law's David Buckle.

The four contract hooks that freelancers overlook, by Cubism Law's David Buckle.

Clients seeking the highest standards of care have cause to redraft supplier contracts.

Why unnecessary problems are likely to loom for contractors who fire off emails, by commercial solicitor Sue Mann.

Or at least, they don’t do everything you might want them to, writes IT lawyer Richard Nicholas.

Companies can’t leave creditors out of pocket if they fold, reminds contracts advisor Paul Cox.

IT lawyer Richard Nicholas on a contractual request you can’t afford to turn down.

The five contract mistakes that freelancers make, by Cubism Law's David Buckle.

How IT contractors can win longer lasting work without paying the price.

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