Following up CVs

The moment you begin sending out CVs, start keeping a log and a set up a tracking method.

Recruitment experts suggest that every application should be followed up within 7-10 days if you have not had a personalised response. If you wish to follow up before then, e-mail them a quick note asking if they received and were able to read your CV, (or if they require a different format for their database), or better still, pick up the phone.

CV follow up:

• After you've sent your CV to contacts and acquaintances asking for their support during your job search.
• After you've sent cover letters and CVs to employers, regardless of whether they have a specific job opening.
• After you've had a networking meeting with someone.

How to follow up:

By (short!) email:

• Put your full name and the title of the position you've applied for in the subject line.
• Write a professional note that reiterates your qualifications and interest in the job.
• Attach your resume again.
• Include your full name in the file name of your resume.
• Changes to the Companies Act 2006 mean you must include your Company Name, Registered Address, Company Registration Number and Place of Registration in all your corporate emails.

By phone:

• Keep it short and sweet. Introduce yourself and remind the recruiter that you submitted a resume recently. Make sure you state exactly what job you're interested in. You can also ask if they received your resume and if they're still considering candidates for the position. In a difficult market, with more contractors chasing jobs, a phone call is likely to help you stand out more.
• Always try a few times to speak to someone if you get a recorded message at first.
• Try to strike a balance when following up – call too many times and you may achieve the opposite of your desired reaction!

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