Foreign Exchange

Save money on Foreign Currency Exchange for international contracts

Overseas workers and contractors are rarely paid in their preferred currency and as a result find themselves at the mercy of bank applied foreign exchange rates which typically vary anywhere between 3 and 6%. This, along with bank charges for payments can often mean the net payment received for a contract can vary dramatically from what was initially paid.

Global Reach Partners have created a solution that enables contractors to get paid into a segregated named currency account and avoid any automatic conversion potentially applied by their banks. This zero cost account then enables individuals to switch currency and make fast payments through Global Reach Partners top tier settlement networks with no charges and a fixed transparent exchange rate.

About Global Reach Partners

Established in 2001 Global Reach Partners has grown to become one of the market leaders in personal and commercial foreign exchange. The company is regulated by both HMRC and the FCA, and they offer their clients access to over 130 currencies through segregated client transaction accounts. To date Global Reach Partners have executed over £20 billion worth of foreign exchange transactions and made over 350,000 payments on behalf of their clients.

The Benefits of the Service

  • Saving money: - Highly competitive fixed transparent spread on all exchanges
  • Zero account opening or ongoing charges · Flexibility- Automatic access to currency accounts in any denomination.
  • (Switch employment and currency earned? Simply pay to your relevant Global Reach Partners currency account) · Speed and ease of use- Open an account in 5 minutes and once payment set up, process is automated for future conversions.
  • Control- Choose to automatically convert earnings, access our online platform from anywhere in the world and deal at a price that suits or call your personal dealer for market insight ahead of transacting.

Find out more

To find out more or open a facility, simply fill out and submit the form below or call our dedicated helpline on 0203 826 7770. Account opening takes less than 5 minutes enabling you to start saving and gain transparency straight away.

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