Following up after interview

Following up after interview

Write individual thank you emails (or letters) to each person who interviewed you - within two business days.

Each letter can be essentially the same, but try to vary each a bit in case recipients compare notes. As well as being polite, it's another opportunity to get your name in front of decision makers. It won't harm to be courteous - even if you are sure the job is not for you - you never know when that contact might come in useful for the future.

Follow up:

  • After every informal and formal interview.
  • When interviewers fail to call as promised.
  • After receiving a "rejection letter" for a specific contract - to let them know you might be interested in other opportunities within the organization.
  • When you failed to answer a question adequately during the interview and want to send a short response in writing.
  • When you want to show appreciation to someone for assisting you in your job search by: referring you to someone, providing you with information, or giving you career management advice – even after you've landed a job!
Monday 23rd Feb 2009
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