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The right to substitute can steer you away from IR35, regardless of whether you know it's in your contract.

18th December, 2012 | IR35 Case Analysis

And how other IT contractors might avoid the same traps.

21st April, 2009 | IR35 Case Analysis

The Special Commissioners 'have put wishful thinking before the evidence.'

24th July, 2007 | IR35 Case Analysis

In a post-Muscat world, long-term IT contractors face greater risk from IR35.

9th October, 2006 | IR35 Case Analysis

The Inland Revenue have won yet again in the IR35 case of Future On Line Ltd.

13th May, 2004 | IR35 Case Analysis

The Lime-IT victory is the third and latest decision by the Special Commissioners on IR35. Full analysis of the judgement by John Antell.

30th April, 2004 | IR35 Case Analysis

An expert view on the judgement handed down last Friday at the High Court in the case of Synaptek versus the Inland Revenue, aka the Stutchbury case.

30th April, 2004 | IR35 Case Analysis

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