Boohoo boss in f-word rant at ex-IT contractor

The joint CEO of online fashion retailer Boohoo has been forced to explain why he launched an expletive-ridden tirade on the voicemail of a former IT contractor.

Mahmud Kamani said in an interview reported this week that his language to ex-contractor Richard Womack got “colourful” because Womack declined to give up codes that the site needs to run.

Kamani was quoted by the Daily Mail as voice-messaging Womack, who in 2009 managed domains for the entrepreneur, to say that: “I’ll take your ****ing house and ****ing car and ****ing missus.”

The newspaper also reported Kamani’s claim that only once Boohoo floated last year (for £840m) did Womack intimate a £100m copyright claim regarding the domain names, passwords and server information. Boohoo denies any liability.

But the disclosure of the voicemail message, which Kamani claims is Womack’s doing, may be problematic for the CEO, as it calls into question his judgement in running a listed business, which must abide strict rules, such as the ‘appropriate manner’ test.

In his published interview though, Kamani was defiant, suggesting he was right to launch the foul-mouthed attack on Womack because “it produced the desired result, as he subsequently relinquished the [IT] items requested.”

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