Cameron vows to help one-man bands

David Cameron says his party would launch a review into the “disadvantages” that contractors and other people who work for themselves face, if it wins the May 7th election.

Launching the Tory small business manifesto yesterday, the prime minister vowed to review the “access” that one-man bands have to maternity pay, pensions and mortgages.

“In the next parliament we will help the self-employed by carrying out a review into these issues,” Mr Cameron said, in a speech noted for being more impassioned than his last few.

Contractor group IPSE welcomed the announcement, saying it was “encouraging” that the Conservatives want to examine three issues that “can deter” people from going it alone.

“A review into [maternity pay, pensions and mortgages]…represents a significant step forward in getting [the self-employed] sector the recognition it deserves,” the group said.

Elsewhere in the small business manifesto, which Mr Cameron reportedly launched with the energy that his critics say his campaign speeches have lacked, the Tories say they will:

  • Cut £10bn of red tape

During his speech in London, Mr Cameron was reported by City AM as saying that meeting small businesses – who the PM called “the backbone of Britain” – “pumps” him up.

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