One-man bands show they’ve already got it tough enough

Supporters of contractors who say such independent workers should not have tax relief on expenses removed because they already have enough to contend with have received a boost.

In fact, those pressing the government to rethink April’s ban on the relief for ‘supervised, directed or controlled’ contractors can now cite a study to reinforce their argument.

Run by PeoplePerHour, the study found that almost six in ten independent workers already feel that the uncertainty and lack of stability in their work is of “some concern”.

A slightly smaller proportion of the one-man bands – but still more than half of those polled – said they had either suffered cash flow problems or worry about their fluctuating income.

This finding may lend momentum to IPSE, FCSA and other bodies for contract workers which say the incoming removal of tax relief on ‘SDC’ contractors’ expenses is unfair.

The bodies can also use the study’s other findings to bolster their argument that freelancers already have it tough enough, without now losing tax deductions on food and travel bills.

Nearly one in five of the respondents described having to file their own tax return as a “burden”, while roughly the same chunk suffered from “stress” due to the responsibility of trading on their own.

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