IT security contractors net five-figure pay rates

Contractors proficient in IT security are commanding five-figure rates a day, even before the growth area of ‘cyber security crisis management’ takes root, a tech jobs agency says.

A four-fold jump in demand for computer security “specialists” is behind the surge in rates, which are highest for response-led rather than prevention-based skills, said ManpowerGroup.

So having seen big outfits like Sony and TalkTalk hacked, corporate end-users will next year splash the cash on contractors who can assist when the “inevitable” happens to them too.

“The biggest growth [will be] cyber security crisis management,” the agency said. [Firms will be] bolstering their own in-house security teams as well as calling on specialist contractors.”

Currently, and compared to 2014, the agency says it is receiving a record number of requests for IT security expertise, for which there is a “shortage of people” trained to a sufficient level.

“Some individuals can [therefore] command daily rates in excess of £3,000, and some top cyber security specialists can even earn five-figure sums daily,” said Manpower’s UK managing director Mark Cahill. "With the potential risk to companies so significant and no signs of demand falling, those sky high…[rates] look set to continue."

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