UK IT jobs up 14% since Brexit vote

The first IT jobs data relating entirely to the period immediately after the UK’s Brexit decision indicates technology hirers to be in rude health.

Figures from Reed show that almost 12,000 IT jobs were added to the recruiter’s website in the three weeks following the EU referendum result on June 24th.

This represents a 14% jump on the same period in 2015 when approximately 10,500 new IT jobs were added to the site, reveal the figures obtained yesterday by ContractorUK.

Of the 11,966 new IT jobs since June 24th this year, one in three are on a temporary or contract basis -- a proportion that is unchanged since June 2015, a Reed spokeswoman said.

Currently however, there is a ‘boom’ for IT developers, as the recruiter’s top three IT jobs -- the three roles generating the most opportunities -- all require development skills.

The news of a boom for any techie will reassure IT job candidates in light of staffing body the REC finding only one technology skill to be scarce and therefore highly sought-after.

Unveiled this month, the REC’s Report on Jobs was based on its member recruiters’ activity throughout the whole of June, so only a thin slice of it covers the post-Brexit decision period.

According to Reed, the IT roles or 'subsectors' creating the most openings which were added to its site in three weeks following the UK’s ‘Leave’ vote are:

Rank Subsector Jobs added
1 Software Developer +1957
2 Web Developer +1045
3 Analyst Prog/Dev +1017
4 Project Manager +645
5 1st Line Support/Helpdesk +543
6 Business Analyst +526
7 Software Engineer +442
8 2nd Line Support +336
9 Database Developer +306
10 Consultant +301
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