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Contractor Job News

Woman who stole over £40,000 from the taxman has her sentence suspended.

The unattractive are a shoo-in for uninteresting work, at the expense of the good-looking.

Taxpayer-funded employment probe paid one employer about £50,000.

But the significant albeit small dip doesn't apply to freelance opportunities.

Stage-by-stage: the litany of errors that are commonly made when end-users recruit.

Chancellor receives his first submission for the post-election Budget he threatened.

More non-EU staff than ever before are securing IT work in Britain.

Or £2.6bn in the 'best-case scenario' -- IT services continuing to flow unhindered.

'We’re not there yet,' says an IT advisory with an eye on robots displacing humans.

Court ruling lets work-seekers with misdemeanours in the past, stay in the past.

Staffing giant succumbs to HMRC, foregoing £300m and outlaying about half as much.

Red-faced chancellor shreds his plan to raid freelancers from 2019.

Bosses' Brexit concerns allayed, as more 'exceptional' techies are due in from overseas.

South Pacific’s 'tech and innovation capital' offers IT candidates a career trip of a life-time. 

Cops give wannabe techie a driving ban instead of IT support role.

'Best Client' of 2016 exports hundreds of tech roles overseas.

Technical personnel much sharper with tax returns than their info colleagues.

Business lobby accused of crying wolf, as figures show annual cap has never bitten.

Sir David Metcalf appointed to punish the rogues and protect the reputable.

A pledge to explore differing tax treatment where the work is the same is welcomed.

Routing agency temps through companies for VAT & NI EA doesn’t work, taxman insists.

Experts find fault with a new probe that lumps agency temps in with 'gig' workers.

Listed and at-a-glance; the eight areas that government wants your input on.

Chancellor reassures the banks, and other hirers worried about the talent pipeline post-Brexit.

'More to be done' says NHS regulator, ready to collect data about top rate temps.

Family and fortune questions could arise to live in an EU state, post-Brexit.

A visa (of sorts) is on the cards for Brits off to the EU, as is paying for permission.

Technology tutor's 'ethically wrong' romps exposed, despite email ruse.

Reed's post-referendum data dispels fears of a tech hiring freeze.

Robots primed to take over a quarter of business service roles by 2035.

The former favourite of tech contractors announces a new cull to Group IT.

Before their job goes abroad, many of the bank's IT staff must upskill whoever takes it.

Technology at the heart of jobs which hirers give up trying to fill full-time.

'Disastrous' claims Unite; 'careful and sensitive' counters Lloyds.

Techies affected by HMRC ending its IT contract early are called to action.

Tier 2 accusations fly, as 900 of the airline's UK tech jobs look destined for India.

Work is a source of contentment for one-man bands; for permies is just a means to it.

Avert IT meltdowns every month or so by having extra tech nous at the top, says MP.

Retailer set to invest one million pounds in IT for each techie it takes on.

Cuts to innovation would leave UK in the ‘industrial slow lane,’ chancellor told.

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