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Hourly rates being attached to ‘opportunities that won’t last long’ is proof scammers specifically want contractors in their crosshairs.

Job boards and instant messengers ‘swamped’ by non-existent opportunities from scammers posing as reputable tech recruiters.

ContractorUK readers reassured it’s ok to be a little ‘out there’ when posting on LinkedIn.

A technically lawful supply of labour (for now anyway) ‘would only prolong and inflame tensions’ on trains, in the NHS, and at schools.

Organisations put on notice ahead of an influx of workers wanting to pay their respects to Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

Contractor hiring body APSCo asks Rishi Sunak to probe an unfairness at best; an abuse at worst.

The government patting itself on the back on IR35 isn’t what’s irking contractors' fatigued advisers, who want ‘less talk more action.’

Generic statement, or political message? Either way, the taxman wants the aim of the Health & Social Care Levy communicated.

Video calls as a way to get your ID documents approved get the all-clear for after April.

The PM removes work from home guidance (not that the contractor sector was exactly following it to the letter anyway).

Well wishes issued to IPSE’s former boss, and an alert: ‘Changing personnel will not remove FCSA’s challenges.’

Home Office says all engagers can use Identification Document Validation Technology on April 6th and beyond.

Home Office acts on ‘feedback’ that physical checks have had their day, and commits to a ‘new digital solution.’

Agents and candidates agree they’ve never seen anything like it, as employers ‘scream out’ for talent.

Home Office signals digital concession has had its time, ahead of an online demo by 50 disagreeing employers.

Covid may be passing, but the traps laid at almost every step of going forward for your next contract remain ready to ensnare.

Alongside ‘supply and demand,’ another dynamic is dominating the contractor labour market -- ‘cause and effect,’ ever since April 6th.

Different roles require different approaches – and different documents, from your ‘off-payroll-ready’ portfolio.

'Juicy fines' tipped to bite contractors’ agencies and umbrellas breaching April’s KID requirement.

The pandemic is sharpening the double-edged sword of work that can be done anywhere, ‘potentially cheaper’ and by the ‘equally skilled.’

The government postponing the return of physical checks for the second time bodes well for a 'permanent digital solution.'

Agents back an 11th hour extension, but say virtual checks are so much better they should be here to stay.

The digital system works, government told, so reverting to physical checks with covid still lingering is ‘nonsensical.’

‘Astonishing’ and ‘rife.’ A testing firm reflects on data it computed on the top 25 tech jobs.

Having binned both the net migration target and Tier 1’s cap, the government is told Tier 2 salary must be next in its sights.

Permits letting migrants work, start-up and move within the UK chalk up their fifth annual rise.

‘Fiendishly complex’ levy is increasingly troubling small firms, and lining the taxman’s pockets.

Tech-dependent Barclays, HSBC and JP Morgan dominate the UK’s top 20 hiring companies.

‘Ditch the salary threshold, extend visas to three years and exempt scarce occupations.’

IT workers are all but the best at getting things off their chest, just not at home.

Brexit, plus political, economic turmoil equals a subdued technology sector.

Why techies with ‘experiance’ and ‘specialized’ skills are probably still on the bench.

Techies or traders looking for opportunities could do much worse than Berkshire's county town.

Quarter of techies go without at Christmas, or if not, what they get isn’t what they want.

Charity calls IT workers to help it be a support system, as most of them feel alone.

Even if the alerts ring true, high-end IT contractors look unlikely to be fazed.

Being less of an expert just to land the job is a requirement for one in three self-employed.

A ‘both good and bad’ immigration package is tabled for post-Brexit Britain.

Most smaller companies would both stay in the EU and like a vote on the final deal.

REC slams ‘lack of clarity’ for the likes of contractors (and end-users) from 2021.

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