Police IT job candidate over limit at interview

A techie who tried to get an IT job with the police was arrested after turning up for the interview well over the drink-drive limit.

The candidate, named locally as Andrew Jackson, first aroused suspicions when he told a police officer engaging him in small talk that he found it difficult to find somewhere to park.

Due to be interviewing Jackson for an IT support role with Greater Manchester Police, the officer then directed the 48-year-old to a room too small to mask the “overpowering” stench.

“I decided to continue with the interview, which lasted for about an hour, but throughout the whole time I was sure that the candidate smelt strongly of drink,” the officer added.

At the interview’s end, the officer made an excuse to leave the room and asked a traffic policeman about what he should do, in light of the “stale alcohol” smell on Jackson’s breath.

The policeman asked Jackson if he had been drinking before the interview, to which he replied ‘no,’ but he then answered ‘yes’ after being asked if he drank the previous night.

In fact, he said that he went out for a meal with his wife, where he claimed they shared one bottle of wine. But the admission prompted the policeman to escort Jackson to a breathalyser.

The results included a reading of 46 micrograms -- the legal limit is 35, which “clearly shows that a significant amount of drink must have been consumed” the previous night, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said.

Jackson pleaded guilty to being in control of a vehicle while over the legal drink-driving limit; was disqualified from holding a driving licence for one year and was fined £235.

Although not directly involved in quizzing Jackson, about either his IT skills or his drinking, Tony Allt of GMP’s road police unit admitted the circumstances of the case were “unusual.”

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