Why contractors should never write-off LinkedIn

It seems like everyone’s talking about LinkedIn these days and not always for reasons that the professional networking website probably wants, writes Matt Craven of The CV & Interview Advisors.

The charge

Indeed, many people are coming across as sceptical of its value. Only the other day someone said to me that they think senior professionals are moving away from LinkedIn because it’s ‘just another social media site.’ A place where people discuss inane drivel that has limited value. I must confess that I too am not a fan of inane drivel but what I am a fan of is the power that lies in a platform with 470 million members in over 200 countries.

The defence

Think of it objectively. If I walked into your office (grey suit and brief case in hand) and told you I had this huge database -- and this database was full of potential clients, JV partners, suppliers and potential hires -- and that 470 million potential contacts in over 200 countries were using this database to network, find business contacts and have conversations. Oh, and that’s it’s free. What would you say?

I expect you would think ‘great, tell me more,’ even if you’re the cautious type and wouldn’t say so out loud! Well that’s what LinkedIn is -- it’s the largest database of professionals in the world and there’s no cost to use it. Whether you are looking for leads, clients, partners, suppliers or sub-contractors, LinkedIn is the largest and most powerful resource out there.

What LinkedIn is (and isn’t)

It really isn’t about posting inane drivel. Or what you did at the weekend. You know that because on the odd occasion where a Facebook-style post does emerge, LinkedIn loyalists are usually quick to shoot it down. Politely of course.

On the contrary to drivel, using LinkedIn to develop a thought-leadership strategy is a great tactic. The platform is all about searching and identifying contacts, starting and nurturing relationships and having conversations that might lead to some business. It really is no different to doing business and networking in general, except of course that it provides a digital context to these activities.

Using your CV and LinkedIn together

LinkedIn’s recent changes to their platform have caused more than a stir, and to ensure you maintain your visibility there are some key actions that you must take. To find out what those actions are (and unfortunately, they’re not obvious), join ContractorUK’s webinar this coming Tuesday (May 30th). The webinar will disclose everything you need to do to optimise your LinkedIn profile, to win contract work and secure professional opportunities on a temporary basis. Inane drivel? No, not a spec of it. Just the very latest wisdom on how to get the most out of LinkedIn as a contractor, including making sure your on-site profile and CV dovetail together.

Interested in this webinar? Register to take part or find out more about this live one-hour session at 7.15pm on Tuesday 30th May, here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6321182890719578883

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