Carry on company! Techies behind naughtiest ‘Ltd’ names

Folk in the consulting and IT community are behind some of the naughtiest names for companies that have been REJECTED.

Fancy a call-out from Sod I.T. Systems Ltd? Dare to buy from Robot Dick Ltd? Want to be next in line at The Knobs Zone Ltd? Or maybe sign a contract with Pardon Piss Services Ltd?

Well you can’t, because Companies House(CH) decided all four were too offensive to be allowed. They’re just a few of the 50 names that it has rejected in the last year.

Worried the names could cause offence, officials also vetoed Spunk Ltd, ManWhore Ltd, The Hairy Bastard Ltd, Arsee Ltd and, presumably a food take-away business Fanny’s Kebabs.

But CH doesn’t record the sector its rejected applicants are in, yet a lot are in IT, and fashion; Dapper Dog & Stylish Bitch Ltd for example, Bitch Boutique Ltd and CockTease Fashions Ltd.

In handing over the ‘flagrant 50,’ released last week under freedom of information rules, a CH spokesman also told ContractorUK that it does not track names that narrowly beat the sensor.

These are names that were initially rejected by Companies House for ‘committing an offence or being offensive,’ the spokesman said, but which got accepted later upon justification.

No such luck for Shag Services Ltd; Sugartits Ltd, AnalRow Ltd, PussyPalace Ltd and presumably a personal training business Quit The Shit! Get Fit Limited.

“[Applicants] also need to be aware that there are rules concerning the use of ‘sensitive’ words, non-permitted characters,” the Companies House spokesman said, referring to words such as ‘licensing’ and ‘standards.’

“[And they should] check the Trade Marks Register of the UK Intellectual Property Office to ensure that the proposed name does not infringe an existing trade mark.”

The other company names Companies House rejected because they could upset the public are below.

Bad Bitch Productions Ltd

Albatoss Ltd

Basic Bitch Cosmetics Ltd

Titanic Holdings Ltd

Blue Arsed Fly Designs Ltd

Wags to Bitches Ltd

Big Dick Jeans Ltd

Pretty Pricks Ltd

The Spoilt Bitch Ltd

Old Fighting Cocks Ltd

Henry Hate & Prick Ltd

Dick Condoms Ltd

Prick Ltd

UK2015-Cocks Ltd

Mirpiss Club Ltd

Crafty Cock Ltd

Mediart Institut Ltd

Rotisserie Cocks Ltd

Pussy Power Ltd

Shitiarusa Ltd

Bitchair Ltd

Ruffbitch Ltd

Bad Bitch Pink Cider Ltd

Dev8sluts Ltd

Fanny Healthcare Ltd

Go Doggy LLP

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