GDPR surges data officer demand by 709%

The GDPR not getting a single mention in ContractorUK’s top IT contractor training courses for 2015/16, but then dominating both the 2017 and 2018 versions tallies with new jobs data.

In fact, the number of opportunities for Data Protection Officers since the General Data Protection Regulation rules were ratified nearly two years ago has surged by an unprecedented 709%.

Over the same period, the number of candidates looking for Data Protection Officer jobs has leapt by 297%. In other words, the increase in DPO job searches online has been four-fold.

“Data protection professionals are enjoying a jobs opportunity surge,” said Indeed, which produced the figures.

“[This] jobs boom for DPOs [emerges] with just two months to go until GDPR rules come into force.”

Hirers tend to want DPOs to both train those of their staff who are involved in data processing, and to run security audits to make sure personal data is being dealt with legally.

Reflecting their high demand, and their specialist knowledge, the latest average salary (full-time) for a DPO is almost £48,000, compared to the UK average of £27,600.

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