GDPR's start is far from the end for data contractor demand -- Hays IT

A surge in demand for technology contractors skilled in data and security won’t end just because preparation for the GDPR has, says Hays IT.

In fact, a rise in the last 12 months in security and data roles has mainly been for contractors, for help both during the GDPR “preparation process, and indeed after the legislation begins.”

Aman Sandhu, a senior manager at Hays IT also told ContractorUK: “Depending on the size of the organisation, contracts can range from one or two hires…[to] dedicated GDPR contract teams.”

As to why the pendulum of demand has swung more in favour of contractors, Sandhu spoke of clients being able to “objectively” review data processes for GDPR-compliance using such external hires.

Secondly, he says there is simply a “scarcity” of full-time candidates seeking GDPR-related security and data roles, prompting “many” clients to turn to contractors to fulfil key projects.

But the agency’s new 2018 Contractor Rate Guide implies there may be some disquiet where ‘hot’ GDPR contractors are on the scene. And the disquiet seems to be getting louder.

Specifically, 54% of clients with IT contractors on their books are “concerned” about contractors having “unrealistic” rate requirements. Last year, just 43% of clients voiced the same concern.  

The premiums handed out so far do seem modest however. Chief Data Officers are on just 4.9% more than last year (currently £850), with Chief Security Officers on a bit less -- 4% more (avg. £750).

But adding to the potential disquiet, contractors aren’t elated with the pay figures. More than four in 10 described themselves as “unsatisfied” with their rate, the annual guide shows.

“The day rates available to technology contractors have been steadily rising for a number of years, and our latest research shows another increase in rates across the board,” said Hays IT managing director James Milligan, referring to an average annual rate uplift of 1.7%.

He added: “It’s clear that employers of technology contractors are facing pinch points in their ability to deliver critical projects, particularly where new legislation and security are concerned, and contractors in these areas are some of the most sought after today.”

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