Chancellor Jeremy Hunt must use Autumn Statement to answer a weighty question that flexible staff end-users need answering, and soon.

Not having enough expertise to go around can no longer only be a job for organisations.

It’s taken government a long time to get here. But the wait until contractors have clarity on umbrella companies isn’t going to be short.

‘Promptly,’ or ‘weekly at least.’ Not following the contractual terms of when you must submit to get paid can prove costly.

Binns, Zajota, Pajpani and even Collins put the onus on umbrellas to be crystal clear on what and how much they pay contractors.

It’s not a loophole, nor a golden ticket, but your ‘managed services contract’ as a ‘consultancy’ might be an HMRC investigation-target.

Contractor sector employers rather than individual contractors may need to act, now the UK is strengthening the enshrining of requests to work contractor-like patterns.

Digital estate planning as a contractor is clearly lax if it covers you but not your company.

Hiring 1,630 temps but not engaging a single PSC outside IR35, the recruitment approach of the Revenue is irony at its most alarming.

On top of making the default time to pay them compulsory, the UK’s tiny companies deserve tougher enforcement against late payers.

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