The negative test result you’ll need from Friday to re-enter Britain compounds the difficulties facing contracting overseas.

Rates are holding up amid my 20-year high for contractors, whose ‘new normal’ preference is stability.

Our gut feeling is that the goose which lays the golden egg will be killed -- over a few bad apples. And an inability to learn.

What’s been on the status front, and what shan’t now repeat itself. Hopefully.

Taxman says he’s checking if you’re ready to restart him probing your status. Is saying ‘no’ really an option?

‘With leave to bring Judicial Review granted, we’re one step closer to contractors not being sacrificed on an altar of administrative convenience.’

Claiming to be ‘delivering on the priorities of the British people,’ Rishi Sunak says the economic emergency has only just begun.

New tools, new labels and new consultancies -- all should come with a health warning if you don’t wish to be an April 6th fool.

Insolvency pandemic protections are right. But do the new rules strike the wrong balance?

Six technology specialisms contractors ought to wish they had this Christmas (and beyond).

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